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Dragon Crest(Dra'Plawv)
"Those who have encounter dragons in their lifetime have told tales of hearing two beats. They did not know where the source of the sounds came from until they took down the enormous beast. What was seen from the dragon's breast was unfathomable - two beating hearts. One was a regular heart, while the other glowed with ominous energy. This glowing heart, as told by these men, felt alive; not physically, but spiritually. It was unlike any living creature they've ever encountered. Just a touch from it would make them feel a strong pressure in their heads; as if it were being crushed by a boulder. "Would've driven me insane if I kept touching it". A curious thing, these "Dragon Crests", which are officially named by the D.L.A.G.I.N. corporation. Thankfully I got my hands on a few before they decided to hoard all the ones already taken from dead dragons. They even put a ban on hunting dragons for their "Dragon Crests" afterwards, but I hear they are trying to develop a way to harvest them. These things are like compact nuclear reactors. Really great sources of power, but dangerous if not handled properly. Though we can't hunt for them, we already have dragons as partners, so that's basically like a nuclear reactor those dragon riders ride on almost everyday. The "Dragon Crest" apparently appears somewhere on a dragon's body, but it always comes out at random times. It's probably done as a way to keep itself safe. Oh! There was one rumor, or rather, an old tale about the "Dragon Crest". It's said that a pair of dragons used to proudly have their "Dragon Crest" pop out from their chests and keep it there; never changing position. These dragons stood above every other dragon; they were essentially the "Kings of Dragons", sometimes boasting to be the kings of every thing. Now, the thing is, when this pair of dragons died, their "Dragon Crests" had suddenly disappeared from their bodies. It was thought that someone or some thing came by and took the "Dragon Crests" and stashed them away, for these "Dragon Crests" were the most valuable of any "Dragon Crest". But that wasn't the case, as years later, another pair of dragons appeared, with the same crests as the ones whose "Dragon Crests" were considered missing. And this continued on for many years to come. Now the thing is, adult dragons don't pass on their "Dragon Crest" to a new generation. Their offspring develop their own "Dragon Crest" around the time when they become as big a human. What I understand after hearing about this tale is that these pair of dragons were able to "pass on" their "Dragon Crest" to their offspring, and it continues with the next generation. The only reason, I believe, to why that happens is due to the power contained within those "Dragon Crests" from the pair of dragons in the tale. That pair of dragons must've had immense power held within those "Dragon Crests", that they found away to keep it within only their bloodline. Almost every person here and the galaxy over has heard about this tale, even those damn bastards at D.L.A.G.I.N. Rumors have spread that their researchers are trying to replicate the same thing from the tale, but the experiments have been unsuccessful. It's been a good two centuries since anyone has seen any dragon whose "Dragon Crest" looks like the ones from the tale. But I know for sure, they're still out there. And I have a good feeling that we're about to enter a interesting chapter of our lives pretty soon."
Dragonian Brothers Progress2
Almost done.
Just gotta add in shades to the blades, clothing, and belt.
Also gotta add some feet and tinker with the background.


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United States
I just enjoy drawing. That's all. ;^)
Apocalypse Bio:

Name: Apocalypse

Age: 18 (actually about 100)

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Personality: Active. Likes to voice out his opinions with rarely any care for the consequences. Isn't afraid to show off to other people for the attention. Can be a klutz at times but he quickly fixes himself. Cares for his brother. Tends to easily get hot-headed a lot of the time; either from being made fun of or from something or someone that ticks him off. Likes diving straight into situations where there's a lot of action going on.

Likes: Eating a lot. Sleeping outside on a clear, sunny day. A heated battle between himself and any opponent that challenges him; especially when that opponent is strong. Playing with other creatures; especially dragons. Training. Hanging out with friends. Making cheesy jokes. Teasing his brother for being so serious most of the time.
Dislikes: Sitting around and doing nothing. Boredom. Rude people that pick on others who are weaker than them. Owners who hurt their dragons; or if any dragon starts becoming conceited. Shares a similar distaste towards women as his brother does, but is a bit more lenient.

Attributes:Energy Manipulation; free control over his energy and can change it into whatever he needs.

Background: One of two twins whose family was killed in an accident, Apocalypse and his brother are the only survivors of the Dragonian Clan, one of the most powerful, whose reach extended beyond several galaxies. The event of his parent's accident left his young mind scarred for life. Apocalypse and his brother still retain memories of when their parents were still alive, but they're very faint. The last thing he can remember is a blinding white light engulfing him and his brother.
Then it was lights out. While unconscious, Apocalypse heard whispers. As he tried to focus more on the voices, his head started ringing. There was slight pain, but it brought unfamiliar memories to him; memories of another. He tried to piece together where he heard the whispers came from before, since they were very familiar to him. So he tried to listen in to the whispers' conversation, but his head would start to
ring everytime. Despite the dreadful pain of having his head ring, his curiosity drove him to find out what kind of situation he was in. He was scared for himself and his brother, but, he was able to feel Rokai's presence near him. That small hope is what kept him strong. As what seemed like years passed, Apocalypse started to loss consciousness again.
It felt as if his entire being was becoming weaker and weaker, until he could no longer maintain himself. But before he lost hold of his conscious, he mustered up the strength to listen to the whispers one last time. This time, he heard two new whispers that sounded very familar. One sounded like his brother and the other sounded like himself. He was left confused, knowing that those two whispers were him and his brother, but at the same time, weren't.
Afterwards, he fainted; returning to an unconcious state. Suddenly, Apocalypse opened his eyes to darkness, with only the stars in the center to provide light. He felt weak, but was able to muster up the strength to stand up from where he landed. He grabbed his head, as it started to ring violently. Then, he remembered about his brother, and started to become scared. He lost strength in his legs, causing him to sit in fear.
He sat there in fear, not knowing what to do in such a strange environment.


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